About Damien Bernard

Meet Damien Bernard, the passionate meat lover, founder of Meat Smoking HQ, and author based in Perth, Western Australia. Damien’s love for meat began in his childhood, spending countless hours in his father’s butcher shop. His years of experience in the meat industry have provided him with invaluable insights and skills in meat preparation and smoking.

When not indulging in his love for backyard meat smoking, Damien perfects the art of low-and-slow cooking with his Weber Kettle, DIY Drum Smoker, or Pit Boss pellet grill. Through Meat Smoking HQ, he shares his passion, knowledge, and experiences with fellow meat enthusiasts.

Apart from his meat smoking pursuits, Damien is also a published author, having written several children’s books and a comprehensive guide on smoking meat titled “Brisket Master,” which is available in the online shop.

Outside the realm of meat and writing, Damien is a devoted husband and father of four, a keen fisherman who enjoys the ocean’s beauty, and a lifelong martial artist. Join Damien on this flavorful journey as he explores the world of meat smoking together with you.