Tappecue Touch Thermometer: The Smart Choice for Serious Pitmasters

The Tappecue Touch is a versatile wireless meat thermometer that promises to make your cooking experience more convenient and efficient. It features a range of advanced features such as a touchscreen display, internet connectivity, and mobile apps. Whether you’re a professional chef or a backyard BBQ enthusiast, the Tappecue Touch is sure to take your cooking to the next level.

The Tappecue Touch is a device that helps you monitor the temperature of your food while you’re cooking. It comes with a power supply, a guide to get you started, and a pen stylus. You can use it to monitor up to 8 temperatures at once, and it has a touchscreen display that’s easy to use. The device has a built-in battery that lasts up to 20 hours, so you can take it with you when you’re cooking outside. It also has a speaker and lights to alert you when your food is ready. You can connect it to your phone using the Tappecue app and it will send you notifications when the temperature goes too high or too low. The device is also water resistant, so you can use it in any weather. It also has a guest mode that allows you to share the temperature with your friends and family and it can store temperature data on the cloud for you to access anytime, anywhere. It was designed in Kansas City, Missouri, which is known for its BBQ.

For more information, head to the Tappecue Touch website.

Tappecue Touch Features

Price$200 (see latest price)Warranty1 Year
Dimensions4.646″ x 3.678″ x 1.471″Weight8.3 oz.
Range180 ft. Can send data for distances
of up to 180 feet radii from routers with the
Measurement Range40ºF to 572ºF
BatteryLithium Ion 2400mAh/3.8VBattery Life 20 hours
Channels4 ChannelsTemp Readings8
Probes 4 x 6 inch probesProbe Cables6 Ft
AppIOS and AndroidWater ResistantYes
Display16×2 Character LCD displayExternal CasingPolycarbonate
ConnectionsFour Stereo 2.5mm jacks for temperature probes,
USB A/B connection for setup, Lithium Ion
Rechargeable Battery, Power Supply/Charger (5Vdc/800mA)
ColorBlack with white labeling
Wireless802.11b/g Wi-Fi certified chip (2.4G networks),
1Mbps and 2Mbps throughput speeds, On-Board Antenna
Wi-Fi Authentication
Types Supported
WEP-64 and WEP-128 (open mode only, NOT shared mode),
WPA2-PSK (AES only),
WPA1-PSK (TKIP only),
WPA-PSK mixed mode
(some access points, not all are supported)

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What is the Tappecue Touch?

  • It is a significant upgrade from the previous Tappecue thermometer, which was Bluetooth enabled
  • Bluetooth thermometers are known for having connection issues, and can be frustrating to use
  • The previous Tappecue model had these same issues
  • The Tappecue Touch uses Wi-Fi technology instead of Bluetooth, which eliminates connection issues
  • The Tappecue Touch has the option of running a fan blower, which is a feature available with other high-end thermometers like the Fireboard and Signals
  • The Tappecue fan blower in combination with the Tappecue Touch will give you the ability to turn a charcoal smoker into a set-and-forget.

Tappecue Touch is the latest model produced by Tappecue. This model is a significant upgrade from the previous Tappecue thermometer, which was Bluetooth enabled. Bluetooth thermometers are notorious for connection issues, and are extremely frustrating to the user. The previous Tappecue model was no different. The Bluetooth Tappecue also shared these connection issues. Thankfully, the Tappecue Touch uses Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth technology. 

The Tappecue Touch also has the option of running a fan blower — A feature available with other high-end thermometers like the Fireboard and Signals. The Tappecue fan blower in combination with Tappecue Touch will give you the ability to turn a charcoal smoker into a set-and-forget. 

Use as a Standalone Unit or Via Wi-Fi

The Tappecue Touch gives you the option of using the thermometer as a standalone unit, or controlled over Wi-Fi via your smartphone, Apple watch, or any other smart device. Not everybody is a fan of the high-tech features, but thankfully you can bypass the high-tech features if that isn’t for you. 

Multiple Channels

The Tappecue Touch has 4 channels. You can connect these channels through the 4 ports on the side of the base unit. This allows you to run 4 probes. Even though the Tappecue Touch only has 4 channels, it has the capability of monitoring 8 pieces of meat by using channel splitters.

Tappecue provides these cables so you can run two probes from each port. So if you run a splitter from each of the four ports, you can double the output. This means you can run 8 probes, which is more than any other thermometer on the market.  

Channel Splitters Give You More Options

Tappecue sells various packages when you buy the Tappecue Touch, and some of these packages have splitters included. You can purchase a packet of spitters from the Tappecue website if your package didn’t include splitters. 

When you purchased the splitters, it comes in a four pack. One end of the splitter plugs into the port, and the other end contains two probe plugs. 


  • Probe quality is important when deciding on a thermometer
  • Leading thermometer companies like Tappecue, ThermoWorks, and Fireboard offer high-quality probes
  • Extra probes can be purchased from Tappecue for around $15-$20
  • Tappecue uses high-quality thermistor probes with a 6ft cable
  • Different packages offer varying number and types of probes
  • Tappecue Touch also includes ambient probes for monitoring grill temperature
  • Tappecue also sells extended care probes and duel-probe technology
  • Duel-probe technology allows monitoring of pit and meat temperature through one channel.
  • Tappecue’s Airprobe 2 feature duel-probe technology.

When deciding between thermometers, probe quality is always high on my priority list. Probes can break easily, especially barbecue frequently. Probes can also become inaccurate over time, giving false readings. 

However, leading thermometer companies like Tappecue, ThermoWorks and Fireboard make high-quality probes—so this shouldn’t be a problem. It’s also good to know that you can buy extra probes from the Tappecue website whenever you want, and they only cost about $15 to $20. 

Tappecue uses high-quality thermistor probes with a 6 ft cable which is long enough to extend from your grill, onto a side table or shelf. 

Tappecue offers different packages when buying the Tappecue, so the number or type of probes will depend on the package you select. These packages are subject to change as well. 

Tappecue Touch also has ambient probes, which are designed to be clipped onto the grill so you can monitor the ambient temperature of your cooker. These ambient probes are thicker than meat probes and don’t have a pointy end. 

Tappecue also sells extended care probes, which are thicker and waterproof.  

Duel probes are an awesome new technology and becoming more common. Duel probe thermometers contain two sensors; one to monitor the temperature of your pit, and the other to monitor a piece of meat—all through one channel.

This duel-probe technology is like the sensors on wireless thermometers such as Meater, Meatstick or Tappecue’s Airprobe 2. Dual-probes have a sensor at the pointy end, which goes into the meat, and another sensor on the curved part of the probe. On the Tappecue display, the channel splits into two so you can see the two different temperatures on each sensor. 

The Base Unit

You can tell if a thermometer is well made just by picking it up. The Tappecue Touch is a solid unit, and it’s a well-made piece of technology—and the base unit is water resistant. 

I think Tappecue could put more effort into design. The thermometer is functional, easy to use, but some colors are questionable. However, the colors wouldn’t stop me from buying this thermometer over a competitor.

The Display

The Tappecue Touch has a nice display, with a simple design. The main dashboard displays all the channels in different colors. One of the best features of the Tappecue Touch is the color coding system. All the probes are color coded, and match a corresponding color on the display. 

Each channel displays the current temperature of the probe in large font, so you can read it from a distance. 

The display shows the probe number, the date and time, and the profile you have selected. It will also show the temperature to either Fahrenheit or Celsius. There are several alarms that you can experiment with as well. You can set a minimum temperature alarm and a lower temperature alarm. 

Stylus Pen

The Tappecue Touch also ships with a stylus pen, which allows you to pinpoint the touchscreen. This is useful if you’ve got wet or dirty fingers. 

The Tappecue App

The Tappecue Mobile App is a free app that is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is compatible with iPad and Android Tablets, but not with Windows phones. The app allows you to share your smoking session with friends and family, or even your BBQ team members.

They will need to download the app on their own iOS or Android device, and log in with the account ID and password you have provided. Once they have added their device, they will be able to view the temperatures and receive alerts, but you have the option to limit their access to your account settings and current session information by using the guest mode feature.

This feature requires the user to log in with a guest password. You can share your session with as many people as you want, but it is recommended not to share it with a large number of people.

  • The Tappecue Mobile App is free for both Android and iOS devices.
  • It is compatible with iPads and Android tablets, but not Windows phones.
  • Friends and family can receive alerts while you are smoking meat by downloading the app and logging in with the provided account ID and password.
  • You can control who can view your session information and who can make changes with the Guest Mode feature.
  • There is no limit to the number of people who can receive alerts for your smoking session.

The Tappecue Touch App is fairly straightforward and does everything you need an app to do. Compared to some of its competitors, the app is easy to use and doesn’t frustrate the user — which is very important. The App has a different meat categories, with presets you can set the alerts automatically. This is handy and I’ve used this feature with other thermometers. It’s good to know what the internal temperature should be on a particular cut of meat. 

How to Download the App and Setup

1iOS Devices: Download the Tappecue app from the App Store for free. Note: The device must have software version iOS 6.0 or above to use the app. You can download the app to multiple devices for friends and family to view temperatures and receive alerts. They will need to login as guest users.
2Android Devices: Download the Tappecue app from the Google Play Store for free. Note: The device must have software version 3.0 or above to use the app. You can download the app to multiple devices for friends and family to view temperatures and receive alerts. They will need to login as guest users.
3After installing the app, begin your smoking session. Brine your meat, marinade it, inject it, apply your rub and begin your Tappecue smoking session to get the best flavored and juiciest meat you will ever cook. Start your session on your mobile phone so Tappecue can alert you when your temperatures have gone out of range and when your meat is done, ready to pull out of the smoker and let rest.

Android and Apple Watch

You can set up your Tappecue Touch on multiple devices, including an Apple, Apple Phone, Apple Watch, and Android. The Apple Watch has a very simplified display which will allow you to monitor the temperatures scrolling between channels. This is handy for when you’re driving and can’t look at a phone. It’s nice to see the temperatures of all your channels just on your smartwatch. 

Temp Alarms

As with any thermometer, there are multiple alarms that you can set. Each probe you can set an alarm, you can turn them on or off for each probe. When the alarm sounds on the display unit, the power button will flash and change from green to red.

On the App, the alarm will sound by to a variety of voices, chimes, or alerts that you can choose yourself. Almost like choosing a ringtone on a phone. 


One of the main reasons people buy thermometers in this price category is for the detailed graphing and cook session data. The best way to learn from our mistakes is to correct the past. The only way I have learned how to cook is through making mistakes.

Having a recording of your sessions allows you to make adjustments for the next time. Cook data is important when planning future cooks, because it will give you an idea of how long you need to cook a particular piece of meat. 

Session Book

Tappecue SessionBook is a tool that allows you to store the data of your smoking sessions on the Tappecue Cloud, allowing you to easily access it later. It allows you to store information like data, notes, recipes, and images, which can help you improve your processes and final results.

To access your stored sessions, you can log in to your Tappecue account on the website or through the mobile app. You can also export your session data by receiving a CSV file via email, which can be imported into Excel and graphed.

Also, you can upload images from your phone to the browser app, with a limit of 4MB per image. You can also add notes to your sessions, but they won’t appear directly on the graph. To view notes on the graph, you can filter for the desired probe, navigate to the time point, and add the note in the table view of all temperatures.

  • Tappecue SessionBook is a feature that works in conjunction with the Tappecue device to store the historical log of time and temperatures of your smoking sessions onto the Tappecue Cloud for easy access.
  • With SessionBook, users can store data, notes, recipes, images, etc. to improve their processes and final results.
  • To access stored sessions, users can log in with their Tappecue account ID and password at www.tappecue.net or view the SessionBook tab in the mobile app.
  • Users can choose to export session data by receiving a CSV file via email, which can be imported into Excel and graphed.
  • Users can also upload images from their phone using the browser app, with a restriction of a 4MB image size.
  • Users can add notes to their sessions, but they will not appear directly on the graph. To view notes on the graph, users can filter for the desired probe and navigate to the time point, then add the note in the table view of all temperatures.

Emailing Cook Session Data

Once you have finished a cook session, Tappecue will ask you if you want the cook session emailed to your inbox. Then, in a few moments, you will receive an email with the cook data as a text file. You can then import this text file into your excel document and create your own archive on your phone or computer. 

1As an admin, end your session in the Tappecue app.
2You will be prompted to receive an email of your session data in CSV format.
3Select “Yes” to receive the email.
4Import the data into excel using the Import Wizard functionality.
5Graph the data using Excel.
6For additional help on how to graph data, visit Tappecue’s website at www.tappecue.com or download instructions and excel graph at http://www.tappecue.com/data.

How to Change Meat Types

1Open the Tappecue app and navigate to the settings menu by clicking on the settings tab.
2In the settings menu, click on the Meat Temperatures option.
3Click the “Add” button on the top right-hand side of the page.
4Enter a new meat type name, such as “Simmering Soup”
5Enter the minimum and maximum temperatures for the new meat type. Suggest following USDA recommended temperatures to prevent foodborne illnesses.
6Select the appropriate option for this Meat Type, such as food probe or chamber probe.
7Hit save to add the new meat type to the list.
8To delete a meat type from the list, swipe from right to left on iOS or tap on the meat type on the list and hit the delete button on android.

Cloud Storage

Tappecue will also ask you via the app if you want to save the cook session onto the cloud. However, it will only allow you to store five sessions per month. Any more than this, Tappecue will charge you a small fee every month—-as you would for any other data storage company like Dropbox. To be honest, I would just save my the sessions, downloaded them into an excel doc, then create an archive on my own cloud storage. 

The Tappecue graphing is excellent and gives you a good idea of the cook. It shows the temperature graphs, and how it fluctuated. 

Pit Fan – Automatic Temperature Controller

The Tappecue Touch also gives you the option of running a automatic temperature controller. To use this feature, you need to purchase a fan blower – The Tappecue Cruise Control separately from the Tappecue website. 

An automatic temperature controller gives users the ability to monitor and control the temperature of your smoker. The standard Tappecue Touch will only allow you to monitor the temperature, but when you add the fan blower, you will also be able to adjust the temperature of your smoker. 

The fan feature is only suitable for charcoal smokers that have a vent. This includes smokers like kettle grills, bullet smokers, kamados, and drum smokers. The fan attachment plugs into the vent of your smoker and provides consistent airflow. You can control the fan via the Tappecue App or the regular control.

No Manual Lid Sensor

Some of Tappecue’s competitors have lead sensors on their automatic temperature controllers. Unfortunately, Tappecue doesn’t have this function. Some fan blowers like the Fireboard will automatically cut off the fan as soon as you open the lid of your smoker, and the fan won’t switch back on for another 7 minutes.

This allows the fire to recover from the shot of oxygen when the lid was opened. The workaround for the Tappecue Touch is to turn off the fan a few minutes before you open the lid, and don’t turn it back on for about another 5 minutes after opening the lid.

This will allow your smoker to recover and keep a more consistent temperature. You can fine tune this by looking at your cook data from your session and see when you open the lid. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but if you’re trying to decide between thermometers, sometimes it comes down to these features. 

The Tappecue Fan

The Tappecue fan is a well-built accessory, and it’s quite sturdy. It’s made with metal and plastic and has spring loaded clips so you can attach the fan to the vent of your smoker. There are threads in the fan unit which will allow you to use an extender and screw it directly into a drum smoker using an intake valve.

You can buy a pipe from a hardware store with the same size thread, and it will screw into the fan one end, and you can screw the part into the intake valve on the other end. This is a great feature, and I haven’t seen this with other fan blowers that I have reviewed. 

Once you have set up your fan blower, you will be able to control your pit from the store, or out on the golf course. Just by using the app on your phone. 

Price – How Much Does It Cost?

The Tappecue Touch is expensive, and regarded as a high-end thermometer. However, if you’re a serious pitmaster, then you’re better off spending the money up front rather than going through lots of cheap thermometers. Smoking meat is hectic, and thermometers can take a beating. They also operate outside, so you’re up against the elements. If you buy the Tappecue Touch, you will have a thermometer for a long time. Get 15% Off Tappecue Touch with our referral code: mshq. Check out Tappecue here.

Cable Keepers – No Messy Wires

Tappecue sells all kinds of accessories that work with the thermometer. The cable keepers are colored doughnut-shaped cushions that allow you to wrap the probe cables around to keep the cables neat and tidy. They come in different colors, so you can continue with the color coding of the tap touch. 

Temperature Accuracy

The Tappecue probes measure from -40° F to 572° F. Although this may differ from customer to customer, but when tested, the probes measure to within 1° either side. If you buy the unit, perform an ice bath test to see how accurate the thermometer probes are. It’s a good practise to continue to re-test and recalibrate the thermometer probes. 


Setting up the Tappecue Touch is no different from setting up any technology, such as a phone, tablet, or a Bluetooth speaker. 

First, turn on the Tappecue and it will scan for Wi-Fi networks. Keep in mind that the Tappecue will not pick up 5G networks, it will only work on 2.4 networks. 

Once the Tappecue has found a Wi-Fi network, selected it and enter your Wi-Fi password. Once connected, you will see the Wi-Fi symbol on the Tappecue Touch display. The thermometer will then lead you through a series of prompts, and ask you to create an account by adding an email, and agreeing to a privacy policy.

Then you’ll be prompted to create a password. Once the account setup is complete, download the Tappecue App, then log in using your password. Once the App and the Tappecue base unit are synchronized, plug in a probe and start a new session via the App. 

Warranty and Customer Service

The Tappecue device, including its probes, comes with a one-year limited warranty for any manufacturing defects from the date of product registration. However, this warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse or user error.

If you encounter any issues, please contact us at [email protected]. Typically, the unit will need to be sent to us for examination before a replacement can be determined.

Tappecue has exceptional customer service and will do their best to help you with any issues you are having with their products. I find the best thermometer companies like Thermoworks and Tappecue have exceptional customer service. So you can be rest assured that if you have any issues, you will be able to resolve it with the tech team. 

Battery Life

Tappecue touch can run for 25 hours on a full charge, which is more than enough to smoke a huge packer brisket. You can also buy an extra Tappecue battery pack, which will give you another 30 hours. 

How To Connect the Tappecue to Wi-Fi and Create Account

1Create your account by selecting “SETUP”
2Connect your Tappecue Touch to Wi-Fi. Select your desired Wi-Fi network and enter the password, if applicable. Note: The network must be 2.4g with 802.11 b, g, or n compatibility
3Enter your email address and hit the enter key. If you do not have a pre-existing account, select “Create New” to create a password and register your Tappecue. If you have a pre-existing account, enter your email and password to name your device.
4Set up presets. Go into the settings of your Tappecue Touch and select “Units”. From here you can choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Note: This will only change the Tappecue Touch, you will need to change mobile app settings as well if you prefer.
5Cook your favorite meal. Download the Tappecue app from either Google Play or iTunes App Store. Login with the account and password created in step 2. Click “Start New Session” and fill out the information needed, then click the arrow in top right/ next button. Repeat this until you have successfully started a new session, this will take you back to the home screen. Click “View Current Session” and go to “Quick Temperature View”. Note: It may take up to two minutes for the first temperature update to be received. After the initial signal is received you will receive new temperature updates approximately every 30 seconds.
6Power Saving Option. The battery will last 14 hours when fully charged. We recommend charging it before you use it. There is an option to turn off the display after 10 seconds of non-use that will extend the battery to over 20 hour called Power Save in the settings of the Tappecue. You can enable this to extend your battery life for a cooking session. A touch of the screen will turn the screen on for a quick view. You can always disable the Power Save at any time. You can also use the power charging cord for unlimited power times during a cook instead of using the battery.

How to Start a New Cook Session

1Allow push notifications on iOS device. When you first open the Tappecue mobile app on an iOS device, it will ask you if you would like to allow push notifications. You must click yes for the app to be effective.
2When you first login to the app, you will automatically receive an alert saying your device has been added. This means that your phone will now be able to receive Tappecue temperature alerts.
3Registering other smartphones and tablets: Login to the Tappecue mobile app on the device you want to register using the admin password or guest password.
4Starting a Session: Open the Tappecue app on your Android or iOS device, login, and tap on “Start New Session.”
5Enter Session Name and select the Tappecue that you will be using for that Session, hit next.
6Select the appropriate meats/ chamber for your probes. We have released an update for Dual Chamber Probes/Splitters. These allow two readings on one port. Turn the switch on if you are using Dual Chamber Probes/Splitters to set both meats/chambers for that port. If you are using regular single channel probes do not turn on the switch and select 1 probe setting.
7Review your temperatures and make any changes you wish in the Minimum and Maximum text box. If you don’t wish to, the default temperatures from your settings will be used.
8Select the user devices you wish to alert. Make sure that you are alerting at least one. Select Start Session!
9Finally, just plug in probes and then the Tappecue and you are all set! If you are using wireless AirProbes, all you have to do is take them out of the charger and they will connect to your Tappecue. You cannot use wired and wireless probes in the same port. The wireless probes are color coded to go along with the colors on the touch screen that also correspond to the ports.
10You can now view this session by tapping on the “View Current Session” at any given time during the session. The Quick Temperature View will automatically refresh every minute while on the view. The current Temperatures button does not auto-refresh, there is a refresh button in the header to push to refresh the temperatures manually. The Tappecue unit sends temperatures every 30 seconds or so. You can see the updated date/time at the top of the view. Please give it a couple of minutes after the session is started to see the first temperature reading.
11As an admin, within the mobile app you are allowed to view (and make changes to) the current temperatures and alerts pages. As a guest you may only view current temperatures and receive alerts. To view the live temperatures, you will have to log into the app. “View Current Session” Select the Tappecue you are using, then “Current Temperatures”.


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